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2023 Newsletters

December 2023
Four Simple Words for Advent
...Advent is a pregnant pause and an expectation that says something is coming.

November 2023
Celebrating the Small Things: The Women of Thistle Farms Give Thanks
...Sometimes healing takes a generation.

October 2023
Sacred Relics: The Bethlehem Project
...Four days before the Hamas attack on Israel, we received 150 vessels from refugee potters in Bethlehem.

September 2023
Cloudy Halos: Visiting Nepal
...First, an incensed blessing, then a song, a dance, and shawls and aprons placed on my head and around my waist.

August 2023
The Eternal Sundown: My Trip to Africa
...They are miracle workers growing love in harsh conditions as they turn dirt and water into a healing space.

June 2023
Hope, Shiny Rocks & Kind Strangers
...I was fascinated by the dance of light the rock and sun created and so I followed.

May 2023
Spreading Love: Why I Write This Newsletter
...This platform gives me a place to share my writings and life—family, poetry, crafts, and much more.

April 2023
The Divine Spirit of Hope
...Wildflowers are harbingers of spring. Every year, no matter how hard the winter, flowers resurrect.

March 2023
Temptations, Lattes & Grace
...I want to shout from the mountaintop the world is still full of love and lovely people.

February 2023
I've Heard Her Story Before: Stories of Sisterhood
...In Oaxaca, Mexico, she is a woman finding safety amongst the smugglers. In a Greek refugee camp, she is a survivor paying for a vest that will not float in the sea.

January 2023
..Sometimes when the air is thin and the nights are long in Nashville, I can picture an African Sky over the Kalahari Desert.

2022 Newsletters

December 2022
New Visions of Christmastide
...There are beautiful signs and wonders that make us proclaim the hope of peace on earth and goodwill towards men.

November 2022
A Thanksgiving Walk
...I remember with each name a childhood memory, a story of an ancestor, and a dream of far-off lands.

October 2022
Love and Life On the Road
While sitting in silence, I felt connected to every mother who tries to work hard, love her family, and live in balance.

September 2022
Beyond Words: Joining with Women in Ukraine
...We are in a revolution of dignity, Maryna shared.

June 2022
Love Rises & Lost Earrings
...Launching new global initiatives is daunting, clumsy, expensive, and humbling, but also truly inspiring. 

May 2022
Our Means of Grace
A litany written by Bishops of the Episcopal Church for the victims of mass shootings in our country.  

April 2022
Take Your Shoes Off
Being barefoot is a humbling and holy act that sets you down gently on your own two feet. 

March 2022
Defiant Hope
...Yesterday I bought a Christmas ornament, in mid-March, in a shop in Charleston. 

February 2022
In the Face of Stress
...My hope for this newsletter is we remember that peace is possible and we are actors in our ability to be at peace.

January 2022
Visions of Dandelions
...I want to wander into the weeds this year with a dandelion heart. 

2021 Newsletters

December 2021
What Child is This
...This child is you when you are feeling sick and you are greeted by love's anthem.

November 2021
I Have Been a Beggar Most of My Life
...I think its amazing to make a living asking people for money out of gratitude for the all the mercy they have known.

October 2021
Let's Be Brave
...If we don't take time to breathe, and give space for grief, stress and anxiety will fill its place. 

September 2021
The Joy of Nothing
...If we don't take time to breathe, and give space for grief, stress and anxiety will fill its place. 

August 2021
Taking Flight
...On the sixth day of the safari in Botswana I finally saw it.

July 2021
Family Vacations & a Goldfish
...I realized sitting there that I was grieving the end of that sweet, magical time with my children.

June 2021
Hallelujah Hallelujah
...To say hallelujah means we still feel the beauty of this world in the rubble and find gratitude in our greatest despair.

May 2021
Honoring Some Good Men
...With mercy, a little luck and a ton of grace, I find myself rich with amazing men.

April 2021
Digging Deeper
...The truth of what it means to be human and to live together peaceably is about all of us digging deep.  

March 2021
The Gifts of Wilderness
...The wilderness is hard and holy ground.  

February 2021
Why I Love Remnants
...We are the remnants and we are the peacemakers, the prophets, the seekers, and the poets. 

January 2021
Newsletter Introduction
...I have been contemplating on the long nights and short days of winter about why we wish on stars.