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Founder & President of Thistle Farms and The CCJ
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About Becca

Becca balances the practical and divine with an inspirational voice in the huge choir of people championing the work for a more loving, compassionate, and just world.

Fearless of the exponential growth of her work, she challenges social norms and inspires women to step up for each other - with grace, generosity, vitality, spirit, and love. 

More About Becca

Becca's joy is to inspire compassion and action.


Sacred Relics

This past summer a new collaboration, The Bethlehem Project, was born between Love Welcomes, Thistle Farms, and the Center for Contemplative Justice.  We commissioned three hundred chalices and patens from potters living...

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Cloudy Haloes

During monsoon season it rains every day, surrounding the mountains north of Kathmandu in distant cloudy haloes. It is magical seeing Tibetan nuns running through the rain towards their temple...

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We Can Do Better Than Being Civil

Civility seems like a low bar for our common life together, and yet it also seems that often we can’t even reach that. We struggle to be kind to one...

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Becca's Latest Book

Practically Divine

There is no secret formula to experiencing the sacred in our lives - it just takes practice and practicality.

Signs of love abound everywhere: walking in the woods, in a sacred building, or in a dusty refugee camp.

When we allow ourselves to embrace both ordinary and extraordinary experiences, we can feel the divine anywhere.

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