There is a vast expanse we can see from the lenses in our eyes out into interstellar space.There is also a vast expanse from the iris, inward, through the stardust coursing through our veins and into our imagination. Both ways of seeing carry us to the far reaches of the universe. Both visions are c ...
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Sunrise Starts Before Dawn

I hope this letter can serve me as a reminder that hope rises as an unexpected joyful gift. I do not believe we can expect hope. Hope lives in us and is a gift of grace that washes over us. It is by nature a transformative reality of living into our greatest desires. If love heals and hope transform ...
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The Vision of Healing is Global

As I looked at the living creatures, I saw a wheel on the earth beside the living creatures, one for each of the four of them. As for the appearance of the wheels and their construction: their appearance was like the gleaming of beryl; and the four had the same form, their construction being somethi ...
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Growing a Rich Field of Love

"Nothing is set in stone: not liturgy, not words, and not communities. Too many times I have visited churches who have determined that their liturgy or structure will never change. The environment is lifeless: a beautiful still life, amazing to look at, hard to engage for a long time. This hope of c ...
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Picking Up Your Cross is Falling in Love

6/19/2016Luke 8:26-39When I think about Christ’s calling, "Take up your cross daily and follow me,” to his disciples, I think of both calling and commitment. Calling and commitment. When you first read the words, “Pick up your cross and follow me," do you not get an image of this huge thing th ...
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Learning to Say Yes to Love

I remember when the idea of our Global Marketplace, Shared Trade, came into being in the summer of 2014.I was standing on a train pulling out of Oxford, England with the Thistle Farms contingency and felt the shift of muddled thoughts moving from the world of feeling and taking on shape. The idea of ...
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Create a Space for Gratitude

A poem in celebration of the 2016 Magdalene Graduates:I believe that love healsAnd when I forgetI believe that;I connect to creationCommit to a daily practiceCultivate compassionCreate a space for gratitudeThen come home to my heart.–Beccahttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xAEUVZZZLYk ...
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The Gift of Faith

"Sometimes the gift of faith is that we get to feel that the Spirit is not so far from us. So, let the prayer be that you and I see the holy in each other, that you see it in the people all around you, that you feel it walking around this beautiful gift we call creation. May we see it as the purple ...
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magdalene st. a's

Remembering Mary Magdalene

I came out of Vanderbilt Divinity School, in 1990. F​eminist Theology had rooted itself deeply into the essence of​ the community and our formation​. I studied under ​powerful women such as Dr. ​Sally McFague​, Dr. ​Renita Weems, and all kinds of beautiful women who had fleshed outFemi ...
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“Love Heals:” A New Poem

I believe that love healsAnd when I forgetI believe that--I connect to creationCommit to a daily practiceCultivate compassionCreate a grateful heartAnd come home to my heart.Then I remember.--BeccaOriginal Image Credit: Pixabay.com ...
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